Fabric Guide

Fabric Guide

Hello friends! My name is Lindsey and I am the founder of Sugar House Baby. I’m a sort-of-crafty mom of twins who loves textiles and sewing. In fact, Sugar House Baby began because I was designing and manufacturing textiles for my online fabric store. I put together this fabric guide to help our customers virtually “touch” each item and get to know our fabric options. 


A customer favorite and my personal favorite, it took over a year to find just the right mill and factory to help us make this unique textile. Made from high-quality cotton that is untwisted for a soft, fluffy, squishy texture, our waffle yarns are intentionally wispy giving the fabric a casual look and delicious texture. Our waffle fabric is made from 100% natural cotton with three times the amount of yarn as our muslin blankets. Warm yet breathable, this fabric can be used in all seasons and climates.

Waffle blanket in blush pink (filtered photo)

Waffle blankets clockwise from left - canyon, aspen, lotus, apricot, pale pink

Waffle blankets from the top - apricot, pale pink, blush

Waffle blankets in canyon and apricot


When my twins were born in 2013, the muslin trend was new and I was gifted dozens of muslin swaddles. I used my muslin blankets daily for swaddling, snuggling, covering the stroller, burping, feeding, and bathing. My muslin blankets became my baby bath towels and burp cloths and I couldn’t live without this nursery staple. 

I noticed that my own muslin blanket collection was made of white blankets printed with a variety of adorable, modern nursery designs. I wanted to add solid colors to my stash and I could not find them anywhere. I began manufacturing muslin fabric for my fabric store which led to making solid color swaddles and thus Sugar House Baby was born. 

Our 100% cotton muslin is a two-ply gauze or “double gauze” fabric. Because gauze is delicate, making this fabric two-ply increases the strength while preserving its airy weight and bubbly texture. The open, delicate weave also gives this fabric just the right amount of mechanical stretch which makes it an excellent choice for cozy swaddling. 

Muslin blanket in apricot

Muslin blankets left to right - pale pink, apricot, canyon, sand, ivory

Muslin blanket in sand

Stretchy Jersey

Stretchy, smooth, and photogenic, jersey is a customer favorite for newborn pictures, baby name announcements, and other memorable moments. We cut, sew, and print all of our own personalized jersey items here in Utah. We use a double-brushed jersey fabric that is buttery soft and super comfortable for little ones.

Stretchy jersey blanket and bow set in blush with Magenta font

Stretchy jersey 30" x 40" blanket in peach with Jonitha font

Stretchy jersey blanket, hat, and bow set in sunset with Fine Day font

Plush Minky

Silky soft, yet durable, our minky fabric can handle daily love from babies and toddlers. Minky stands up to repeated laundering without fading, and stays soft over time. This fabric is an excellent choice for personalized prints because it will not fade even after repeated washing.

Plush minky blanket in white with ballet pink text and Apricots font

Plush minky arrow blanket with sage text and Amatica font

Plush minky personalized blankets left to right - Chloe in crepe with Always a Good Time font, Sophia in blush with Quicksand font, WILDER in copper with Barlow font, sunny in sand with Solway font, Veda in sage with Always a Good Time font

Plush minky blanket in walnut and Always a Good Time font