Choosing the Perfect Font

Choosing the Perfect Font

We know the special feeling our customers have when a personalized blanket finally arrives. They carefully open the package, unzip the pouch, reach for the soft fabric, and finally see and feel their baby’s name in their hands. 

What vision do you have for your baby blanket? You probably spent weeks or months deciding on the perfect name, but what font will best capture the sentiment? The answer is whatever speaks to your heart! Each order is as unique as your little one, and our plentiful font options will help you showcase your baby’s name perfectly.

Here are some tips for selecting the perfect font. You can open our font preview tool in a separate window while you follow along with this article. 

Think about length

Our baby blankets are made with the name printed in a repeating pattern. The more letters in the name, the wider the pattern. Shorter names tend to print more legibly and are easier on the eyes. If your baby’s name is long, consider using just the first name and not a first and middle name together. You can also use a more narrow font like Barlow or Pompiere to help keep a long name visually compact.

Long names work well on blankets like Abigail Lynn's plush minky blanket in walnut with Solway font 

We recommend first name only for accessories like Coen's hat from his stretchy jersey blanket set with sienna color text in Shorelines font

Play with capitalization

As you use our font preview tool you may notice some fonts have special capitalization. Try typing your baby’s name multiple ways (ex. Archer, archer, and ARCHER) to see how it may appear in alternate characters. We love all lowercase and all uppercase combinations. 

These personalized baby hats show a mix of capitalization options with SUNNY in Barlow font, ANIKO in Pompiere font, jacob in Mogan font, and Bella in Bellwethers

Consider the stroke

The stroke is how thick the lines are for each letter. If your blanket has a plush surface like our best-selling Plush Minky Blankets, a thicker stroke will show up better. Some of our favorite fonts with a heavy stroke are True North, Tokyo, Sunshine Market, Always a Good Time, and Jonitha.

Thicker strokes work well on our plush minky blankets like Daniel's in Tokyo font

Lighter strokes will work on any item, but they are especially great for our stretchy jersey fabric like Sadie's set in walnut color and Bellwethers font