Naming Tips for Personalized Gifts

Naming Tips for Personalized Gifts

We love working with our customers to put together the perfect personalized gift order. Whether purchasing for yourself or gifting to someone special, we have a few tips for ordering custom-made, personalized gifts and making sure the right name makes it on the final product.

Personalization naming tips

1. Make sure the production time works.

Before considering a personalized gift, make sure the production time works for you and the recipient. Personalized items take a little longer to make, and we recommend ordering with time to spare. We run on time or early, and you can also upgrade the shipping speed at checkout if you need faster delivery. 

Personalized hats are usually ready within a week, shown here in blush with Chloe's name in Fairytales font 

2. Check the spelling and then check it again.

If this is a gift for someone, send them a text to confirm the name and spelling. Triple check the name as you type it into the field. Or better yet, copy and paste the name to avoid human error. 

Personalized hat for bryson in sand (filtered photo) with Solway font
3. Be thoughtful about using a middle name.

Some of our customers use a first and middle name for their personalized orders. In our experience, the middle name is more likely to change than the first name. If there is any uncertainty about the middle name, we suggest using a first name only.

Tatum in blush pink and Bellwether's font

Amberly Sue and Alexis Juel plush minky blankets in copper and amber with Always a Good Time font

4. Ensure the name is final.

We know there are occasional last minute name changes. We recommend communicating with the recipient to ensure the name is set.

Dawson in lilac color and Malisia font

5. Consider using other text if the name is uncertain.

There are many options even if a name has not been finalized yet. Consider using a surname, or something like “little sis” or “baby brother” instead of a name. We have made many items with unique non-name names like caboose, nugget, and #3.